to the candidacy website of Madrid for the WCA European Championship 2018!

The capital city of one of the most active countries in the world in WCA Official Competitions is ready to hold the most important event in Europe in 2018.
The Spanish Community has grown in size and enthusiasm, in experience and in knowledge.
And in 2018, we're ready to leave you breathless...


July 19 - 22 · Competition days

Four days with all 18 official events.

July 19 · Guests day

A special day for parents and companions to spend in Madrid.
SUGGESTION: One day in Museo del Prado and the surrounding area. Transportation will be available from the door of the venue and back.

July 23 · Fun day

After party for all the competitors and companions who want to stay together one more day without competing.
SUGGESTION: One day in Parque Warner Madrid.

We are prepared to move the competition dates if necessary. These dates have been checked to match holiday periods of schools and to not overlap with important holidays in Europe. Besides, the FIFA World Championship will be finished by these dates.

Madrid, the city

Madrid is one of the most interesting, touristy and well communicated capitals in Europe. The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport has direct connections with a large number of cities around Europe and around the globe, and virtually any existing airline flies to the city. The airport has direct communication with the city center through a wide range of cheap transportation methods, including direct access to Madrid Metro (underground), trains and buses.

No matter what are your main interests, there are plenty of tourism attractions available in Madrid: don’t miss places like Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor, go shopping at the glamorous Gran Vía or Serrano avenues, or chill in El Retiro park. Enjoy the amazing collection in Museo del Prado, or just go wild in Parque Warner Madrid.

Madrid is a large city with an excellent variety of accommodation, from cheap apartments to luxury hotels. Some offers near the venue are:

Hostel Era Alonso Martínez 13 EUR / night
AbraCadabra Suites 46 EUR / night
Espahotel Plaza de España 86 EUR / night

These above are simply examples. If the event is held in Madrid, we will look forward getting specific agreements with several hotels.

Madrid Arena, the venue

5,000 m2 of pure fun

The Madrid Arena can't better suit the purposes of our competition. The room and distribution of the ground floor is fit for a 2,500 m2 area encompassing main stage, chilling area, bleachers, 4 concentration rooms totalling 500 m2, VIP room, press room, score-taking room, toilets and more.

The second floor is the dining zone, with up to three areas to serve catering meals.

Integrated in the ground floor, the fun zone will have a big presence throughout the event. Booths will be offered for rental and will constitute not only an alternative experience for competitors and guests, but also a source of monetization for the competition.

The venue offers a large screen that we can use to project the progress of the championship. In order to not increase the budget, our initial idea is inviting a team of French staff, experts with this technology, to take over this responsibility.

Core Team

Six persons from different countries will be working together in this ambitious project.

Alberto Masó
27 years old · Spain · AECR Board Member

Design Venue Concept

Organizer of 10 competitions, including 3 Spanish Championships (and organizing the 2017 edition). Current member of the AECR Board. Lives in Madrid.

Alberto Pérez de Rada
23 years old · Spain · WCA Delegate

Staff Venue Concept

Organizer of 9 competitions, including 1 Spanish Championship (and organizing the 2017 edition). Delegated 13 competitions. Current member of the AECR Board and the WRC. Lives in Madrid.

James Molloy
24 years old · United Kingdom · WCA Delegate


Organizer of around 40 competitions, including London Open 2017 and several UK Championships (and organizing the 2017 edition). Delegated 34 competitions. Current member of the UKCA Board and the WFC.

Luis J. Iáñez
48 years old · Spain · WCA Board Member

Software Concept

Organizer of 9 competitions, including European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2016, 3 editions of FMC Europe, and 3 Spanish Championships. Delegated 29 competitions. Current member of the WCA Board and the WRT.

Olivér Perge
29 years old · Hungary · WCA Board Member

Groups Schedule

Organizer of more than 70 competitions, including European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2016 and several Hungarian Nationals. Delegated 68 competitions. Current member of the WCA Board.

Philippe Virouleau
27 years old · France · WCA Delegate

Software Groups Schedule

Organizer of more than 10 competitions, including World Championship 2017. Delegated 46 competitions. Current member of the AFS Board, the WRC and the WST.

The Key Role of the AECR

The AECR (Asociación Española del Cubo de Rubik - Spanish Rubik's Cube Association) is a very seasoned association with a considerable strength in human power. All the AECR Board Members not in the Core Team will support us: Alexander Olleta (WCA Delegate), Elisabet Delgado, Javier Tirado (WCA Delegate), and Raúl Morales.

The AECR owns 24 sets of timing equipment for competitions.


Spain is a country with a high number of involved speedcubers. Not only do we have a large number of competitors at WCA competitions, but also some of our competitions have reached 10 editions.

Over 50 Spanish competitors have attended more than 20 competitions. It is easy to imagine that staffing the Euro 2018 is not going to be a problem for us with the help of other international volunteers, similar to previous World and European Championships. Besides, thanks to the Spanish competition model in which competitors are divided into groups and everyone must judge apart from compete, every passionate speedcuber here becomes a potential staff member.

Due to our concept bid for this competition, the average registration fee will be high. This will surely bring a high interest into becoming member of the staff, as staff members do not pay registration. If the demand for the position is larger than the offer, as we anticipate, we will be selective in regards to hiring staff. We will value high the previous experience of candidates as staff in international competitions. This way we expect to have an excellent standard of staffing for this championship.


One of our main concerns with the budget is being able to use the registration fees to cover the topics that guarantee holding the competition (venue and competition equipment, marked red), and employing the sponsorship to other superfluous enhancements (prizes, gifts, and extras).

Venue (sponsored by the city of Madrid) 47,600 EUR
   Arena, 2,200 m2 30,000 EUR
   Rooms, 500 m2 7,000 EUR
   Fun zone, 300 m2 4,000 EUR
   Bleachers 6,000 EUR
   Others 43,000 EUR
Gift pack 16,000 EUR
Prizes 10,000 EUR
Printings 2,500 EUR
Special events 2,500 EUR
Competition equipment 1,000 EUR
   Shipping fees 1,000 EUR
Decoration 1,000 EUR
TOTAL 80,600 EUR
   Competition 51,100 EUR
   Enhancements 29,500 EUR

About sponsorship, we will make a great effort in getting a strong main sponsor not related with puzzles. More about this follows in the next and last section.

Fees 51,100 EUR
   Registration fees 48,600 EUR
   Entrance fees 2,500 EUR
Non-puzzle sponsor 20,000 EUR
Fun zone booth rental 10,000 EUR
TOTAL 81,100 EUR
   Competition 51,100 EUR
   Enhancements 30,000 EUR

We are WCA

We are independent

This is why we propose to rename the competition to WCA European Championship 2018 and remove any trade mark from the denomination. This is why our bet goes for monetizing ourselves by our own means in regards to those topics that are necessary to guarantee our competition. This is why we are aiming to have only non-puzzle selling sponsors, and thus skip any chance of interference in our competition plans and freedom. And this is how we want to reach a position in which we can deal with any third-party interested in having presence in the event, and offer them to become collaborator under fair conditions.

We aim high

Yes! One of the best venues in Madrid, where our competition fits extraordinarily well. In the heart of the city, close to everything, and extremely well communicated. And yes! The budget shown in this presentation is high. But after getting one or several strong sponsors and various collaborators, we will be ready to offer an extraordinary experience to the competitors and a new model of large WCA Competition to future organizers.

And we are...

...ready to leave you breathless!